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Transcript: Help me Reconsider Poly 101 (A discussion)

Transcript: Help me Reconsider Poly 101 (A discussion)

Fellow member 10: I’m not sure it really makes sense to own a business to help you ________. [Numerous Records Noises] [LAUGHTER] With the exception of those people ones that are such as for example vengeful.

You cannot give anybody whatever they should and you can should not perform with their intercourse lifetime!

MAYMAY: Which can be the thing! The brand new like vengeful-. What exactly is for the FetLife? “Drama”! Way more drama’s for the FetLife than toward Twitter. Easily want to see what folks is fighting regarding the otherwise exactly how many-, for example, I am able to visit Fb to discover exacltly what the appeal is, their passion try, what your last jobs try, y’know, your earlier target. Therefore, y’know, we should contemplate that. That’s it.

New member dos: With the exception of every people who commonly insist one theirs are one Right way. And therefore someone else are doing it Wrong. Continue reading “Transcript: Help me Reconsider Poly 101 (A discussion)”

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